Grandi-U5 Granular Runway Deicer 25KG

Grandi-U5 Granular Runway Deicer 25KG

Code : 32106
GRANDI-U5 is a solid granular runway and apron de-icer. Common salt or other chloride containing de-icers are prohibited to use for runway or apron deicing.
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The corrosive properties of salt can destroy within no time aluminum, magnesium alloys, steel and even stainless steel. GRANDI-U5 is suitable for preventive an curative de-icing. GRANDI-U5 is an AMS 1431B certified aircraft safe alternative for deicing salt which melts away rime, ice and snow.

Certification:AMS 1431B

GRANDI-U5 can be dosed/spread manually or with a suitable spreader. Most of the available salt or fertilizer spreaders are suitable. A typical distributing rate of 25 g/m² is necessary for a preventive treatment of the surface or for the removal of rime. Higher doses can be necessary depending on temperature and the quantity of snow or ice. GRANDI-U5 is effective down to -10°C. Thick layers of snow have to be removed physically before the runway de-icer is applied.

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