Aero-Sense Wet & Dry wipes For Instruments (Twin sachet)

Aero-Sense Wet & Dry wipes For Instruments (Twin sachet)

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The Aero-Sense two-part sachet contains one wet and one dry lint-free wipe that are suitable to clean all aviation screens.
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Cleaning with our wet/dry wipes will not harm the anti-glare coating of your screen. This product is alcohol and ammonia free and leaves no streaks after cleaning. Cleaning more than one instrument at a time is no longer a problem due to the large size of the wipes (180x210mm).

    Our wipes can be used to clean:
  • Aerospace instruments
  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Other applications: flight simulator screens, electronic flight bag, etc.

Cockpit and cabin displays are often exposed to substances that degrade the clarity of the display : grease, dust, fingerprints, etc. Avionics instruments and displays need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their image quality. In addition, avionics radars and touch panels also build up static electricity and attract even more dust. The anti-static properties of our wipes prevent static electricity from building up.

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