Ambersil 40+ 400 ml (Case of 12)

Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Ambersil 40+ 400 ml (Case of 12)

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Ambersil 40+ is the aerospace equivelent of WD40, a well known and proven maintenance treatment for protecting against corrosion, water displacement, lubrication and light surface rust removal.
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One simple application of Ambersil 40+ will stop the spread of existing corrosion, giving lasting protection while repeling ambient moisture. Ambersil 40+ is ideal for use on all mechanical and electrical equipment and can quickly free seized nuts and bolts. A highly effective water displacement 40+ is perfect for 'damp-start' solutions on ignition systems and other electrical equipment.

Ambersil 40+'s protective, lubricating film is non-conductive and remains operational even at severe sub-zero temperature, will not affect paints or plastics and is effective on all metals including aluminium. Freshly machined surfaces resist 'finger-printing' and will stay clean and bright, even in highly corrosive conditions.

Ambersil 40+ Features:

  • Helps to unlock seized nuts, bolts and bearings
  • Provides high corrosion protection and water displacement properties
  • Remains effective and operational at sub-zero temperatures
  • Provides a non conductive film
  • Safe to use on most paints, rubbers and plastics
  • Rolls Royce Approved 1036J

Technical Data:

  • Operational from °C to +115°C
  • Corrosion protection - 200 hours in BS 3900 F4 Salt Spray Test
  • Film Thickness - 1.65 x 10-4 cm
  • Appearance - Amber coloured liquid
  • Odour - White Spirit
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