Copper Anti-Seize Paste 400 ml

Copper Anti-Seize Paste 400 ml
Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Copper Anti-Seize Paste 400 ml

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Ambersil Copper Anti-Seize Paste is an effective anti-seize formulation for preventing metal-to-metal contact seizing, galling, and fretting corrosion.

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Ambersil Copper Anti-Seize Paste is based on micronised copper powder and synergistic anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives suspended in a premium grade stable oil suitable for high temperatures.

Copper Anti-Seize Features:

  • Reduces friction and wear, even when the base oil has already evaporated
  • High pressure and high temperature resistance
  • Ensures accurate assembly
  • Enables easy disassembly of threaded parts, gaskets and flanges, even after long operational periods
  • Threaded parts remain in good condition and can be re-used
  • Separating film ensures favourable release behaviour of the threaded connections
  • Excellent sealing even in corrosive atmospheres
  • Resistant to hot and cold water
  • Lead-free and nickel-free
  • Aerosol formulation does not contain chlorinated solvents and uses hydrocarbon propellant
  • Does not migrate, even when heated to 370°C

Ambersil Anti-Seize Paste is an effective lubricant for bolts, nuts, pins, screw connections on hydraulic equipment, guides for brakes, bushings, fittings, brake adjusters, spark plugs, splines, wheel bolts, flanges, flange seals, pipeline connections, exhaust screw connections, linkages, sliding sleeves / shafts and press fits.

Technical Data:

  • Appearance: Homogenous, copper colored
  • Boiling range (solvent) : 60-95°C
  • Vapour density (vs. air=1) : 3
  • Specific gravity @ 20°C : 0.81
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