RC Allen RCA15 Series Electric Directional Gyro

RC Allen RCA15 Series Electric Directional Gyro

Code : 7903BK14VLIT
The RC Allen 15AK Directional Gyro employs an electrically driven gyro rotor and is a direct reading, azimuth indicator. A caging knob is fitted at the 7 O'clock position.
Availability: Currently out of stock but available for back order
Rotor run up time is 3 minutes. Designed for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft and is easily installed in a standard 3 1/8" panel cutout. Power failure flag drops into view when supply voltage is lost or has dropped below normal range. Features a built in inverter which converts aircraft DC power to the required AC voltage and frequency. Meets or exceeds FAA TSO C5c. 14Volts.

Connector Pin out;

  • A: Ground Motor
  • B: + 14 vDC Motor
  • C: Spare
  • D: Spare
  • Azimuth Indicator Range: 360 degrees.
  • Altitude Operation 1,000 ft to +40,000 ft
  • High rotor speed and update
  • Dimensions (H) 3.4" (W) 3.4" (L) 6.7"
  • Weight 2.3lbs.
  • Warrantee 1 Year.

Supplied with a 8130-3 Authorised Release Certificate

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