Spider S3 tracking system

Spider S3 tracking system

Spider S3 tracking system

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Designed for the safety-conscious commercial operator, the Spider 3 is compact with an integrated keypad and will easily fit on the glare shield. The Spider 3 is the workhorse of our real-time tracking options.
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With one way messages and automatic alerts, the Spider 3 is for anyone who just needs the basic benefits of real-time tracking.
The Spider 3 continues to be a proven and simply reliable solution for operators.

GPS and Iridium antennas are integrated no external aerials required. TheSpider plugs into the aircraft cigarette lighter outlet for quick interchange between aircraft/vehicles, or it can be hard-wired. Typically no STC required.

Iridium Satellite Network
Global coverage is provided in real-time by 66 low earth orbit satellites, with information reaching the website in as little as 5 seconds.

The SOS button on the keypad can be used in an emergency to send instant alert messages to your pre-set emergency contacts.

Actively track the aircraft as it sends position reports to the website. If an incident occurs and the Spider loses power, the website will automatically send an SOS message after 15 minutes of no communication.

Mark Button & Notifications
Press the Mark button to send position reports manually, or set automatic takeoff and landing notifications through the website. Send up to four pre-set email and SMS messages through the website when a report is triggered.

Specify tracking boundaries in up to five circular areas and set custom update rates or suspend position reports automatically when inside these areas. This can reduce the cost of operation when flying in areas where tracking is not necessary.

Spidertracks AFF/API
Allows you to send tracking data to third parties in real time, including US Forest Service, or share information with maintenance tracking software.

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