Precision Aviation PAI-700 Vertical Compass

Aviation PAI-700 Vertical Compass B

Precision Aviation PAI-700 Vertical Compass

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The PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass is installed in many current production aircraft and helicopters, the Precision Aviation compass is fully TSO'd and has earnt it's place as a first choice for many manufacturers and aircraft owners.
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The dry PAI-700 Vertical Card Magnetic Compass has a great advantage over fluid damped compasses (no more leaking liquid) in that it is easy-to-steer-by presentation. At a glance the lubber line (aeroplane symbol) on the lens enables one to view the entire 360 degree dial in its proper relation to flight. This presentation, which consists of a 2" vertical rotating dial which turns against a fixed lubber line to present the magnetic heading of the aircraft at all times. At a glance heading information is more easily understood because the heading is read at the12 o'clock position and off the nose of the lubber line (miniature aircraft.) As the aircraft progresses along it's track, the compass card rotates giving constant perspective on all quadrants in their true relation to line of flight.

The 2 inch Precision Aviation PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass requires no power to operate, except for lighting. The standard light assembly has two pin lamps.

Key Features

  • TSO C7c Type 1 Directional Instrument, Non-Stabilized.
  • Satisfies the FAA requirement that each aircraft must have a magnetic compass.
  • Magnet driven thus it is subject to lead and lag, however, these tendencies are greatly reduced due to the absence of pendulosity.
  • The PAI700 is inherently stable due to the use of eddy current damping which is a natural phenomenon built into the basic design, which reduces overshoot.
  • The compass can be flown inverted.
  • Can be used in sailplanes.
  • Size. 2-7/8" (H) x 2-3/8" (W) x 2-1/8" (D)
  • Weight. 0.6 Ib

Supplied with a 8130-3 Authorised Release Certificate

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