Falcon Gauge Voltmeter

Falcon Gauge Voltmeter

Code : 8602BK2-RND

Falcon Gauge Voltmeters are ideal for home built and light sports aircraft where it is important to monitor the volt usage. The Falcon Voltmeter is available two fit in either 2-1/4 inch standard panel slot or 2 inch round installation.

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As pilots, we know how important it is to monitor an airplanes voltage. The Falcon range are visually easy to read and simple install.

Non-TSO'd. Designed for the home build and experimental markets. PERMIT TO FLY ONLY

Falcon Gauge Voltmeter Variations:

  • Model: VM16-2Q6 - 2 1/4" (16v)
  • Model: VM16-2R6 - 2" Round (16v)

The Voltmeter Gauge is supplied with the appropriate Thermocouple

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