Winter Altimeters Single Needle Mb Scale

Winter Altimeters Single Needle Mb Scale
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Winter Altimeters Single Needle Mb Scale

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The sensitive Winter Altimeter has a conventional display and is calibrated up to 5,000ft or 10,000ft. The display features the standard one turn per 1000 feet.
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It can not be installed on aircraft which fly under certificate of airworthiness, but only be used in aircraft which operate on a permit to fly.The Winter Gmbh company of Germany is one of the best known instrument manufacturers in the world, with all Instruments manufactured by technical craftsmen who individually calibrate each intrument. With there world wide reputation for excellence and reliability, the winter altimeters measure static air pressure, which decreases with altitude, and which is displayed in a clear single pointer display. The Winter low altitude altimeter features a black clock face with white numerals, is calibrated either to 5,000ft or 10,000ft and is available in two panel sizes, 57mm or 80 mm.

Winter Altimeters Features

  • High measuring precisios
  • Temperature compensation
  • Linear dialgauge graduations
  • Insentitive to shock and vibration
  • Simple zero adjustment

Winter Altimeters - Technical Note:
Altimeters measure static air pressure, which decreases with altitude. The pressure-sensitive measuring element is a diaphragm capsule (aneroid capsule) which reacts to the effect of changing air pressure as the aircraft changes altitude. Tempered, aged copper-beryllium diaphragms ensure highly accurate readings. Diaphragm movement is transmitted to the instrument pointers by a linkage and gearwheels - the whole is insensitive to shock and vibration. A bimetal link compensates the effect of temperature change. Winter Altimeters Feature; High measuring precisios, temperature compensation, linear dialgauge graduations, insentitive to shock and vibration and simple zero adjustment.

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