Super B 7800

Super B 7800
Caution This is a Hazardous Product

Super B 7800

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The Super B 7800 is a lightweight Lithium Ion starter battery, 2.86 lb/1.3kg, specially developed for Arircraft engines and big displacement motorcycles and Racing cars up to 1.5 Litre using alternator.
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The Super B 7800 is suitable for the following engines:
  • up to 1500cc 4 stroke
  • Rotax 912 S/ULS
  • Rotax 912 A/F/UL
  • Rotax 503 UL

Other engines w/o alternator up to 1000cc, other engines with alternator up to 1500cc. This newly developed battery is designed to replace the much heavier 14 to 20 Ah lead/acid battery. The super B 7800 is based on the safe Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4), better known as Lithium Ion. The super B 7800 delivers up to 450 Cranking Amps.

The super B 7800 offers many advantages over conventional 14 to 20 Ah lead/acid batteries:

  • weighs less: as much as 80% weight saving; < 2.86 lb / 1.3 kg
  • recharges many times faster: within 5 minutes after starting your engine the battery will be recharged;
  • is much smaller: 1/3 or less of the space; 4.7 inch, 3.7 inch, 3.23 inch (WxHxD) / 120mm x 95mm x 82mm (WxHxD);
  • has a longer service life: more than 5 years instead of 2 to 3 years;
  • has a low self-discharge rate.

Super B batteries are based on Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4). This so called Lithium Ion technology as used in the super B batteries is the safest Lithium Ion technology today. On top of that our specially designed casing and electronics further increase safety and durability. Super B 7800 refers to 7,8 Ah (Amps/Hour), which represents the real nominal capacity under maximum continuous load. How different this is from lead / acid batteries where manufactures provide a 20 hour rating. For example the 7,8 Ah lead / acid batterie can be discharged over a period of 20 hours with a 0.35 Amp load. This is not very practical, as the same 10 Ah battery discharged with a 2.5 Amp load, for example a 25 Watt light bulb, will yield no more than 2.2 Ah of energy. The lead-acid battery, therefore, has less capacity when the load increases, which means that you can start more often with the super B.

We use a 10-second rating instead of CCA for the super B 7800 battery. The 10-second rating is easy to understand: it represents the amount of current a battery can produce during 10 seconds without being damaged. The super B 7800 can deliver a current of 450 Amps during 10 seconds. The batteries can deliver higher currents for shorter periods and lower currents for longer periods. The super B 7800 battery can be charged with almost all motorbikes, up to a maximum of 14.4 Volts. Do not overcharge, as this will damage the battery. The super B charges much faster than conventional batteries: charging a lead- acid battery takes 7 to 14 hours, during which the internal resistance increases and the charge current decreases. The super B 7800 can be charged within 1 hour at a charge current of 8 Amps. If the charge current is increased to 24 Amps, it will charge in 30 minutes. Do not charge the battery with more than 30 Amps as this will damage the battery.

We recommend to use the appropriate super B charger to charge super B batteries. Do not use a lead-acid charger, as these chargers are optimized for a different battery technology and make use of methods for charging and safeguarding which are unsuitable for super B batteries. The super B 7800 battery is designed with M6 screw terminals, this makes it easy to replace the stock lead-acid battery. The super B 7800 battery is shipped with two M6 bolds and plastic end caps to fit to the wires on the bike.

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