5 Meter Windsock (16 Foot)

5 Meter Windsock (16 Foot)

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Windsocks designed for airports and aerodromes. Their Extremely High Visibility and High strength makes these windsocks the No. 1 choice of the Aviation industry.

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Windsocks designed for airports and aerodromes.

Their extremely high visibility and high strength makes these windsocks the No. 1 choice of the Aviation industry. They have a highly reflective Orange coating and can be seen at far greater distances than the non-reflective windsocks. Made from tough PU (Polyurethane) reinforced Polyester fabric, they are of the highest quality and max strength - made to last.

these windsocks are of extremely strong construction and are the choice of many industries including Aviation, Construction, Oil Exploration etc. Their High strength and high visibility makes them suitable for use in hostile weather conditions. They have a good resistance to the harmful effects of UV (Ultra Violet) in addition to their extreme low temperature capabilities.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), does not approve windsocks - FULL STOP - There is no approval process. They simply recommend that, a windsock should be of contrasting colours to the background in which it is to be installed so that, it is easily visible, within its surrounding area, from all directions. There is no stipulation as to colour, size or manufacture quality etc. In the CAA CAP 168 there is a suggestion of sizes for licensed aerodromes, however, it is only a suggestion NOT LAW. Having spoken with the CAA, they have suggested that approval may eventually come to windsocks in the form of an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approval, but there is no such thing as yet.

 Wind Speeds:

Please note the wind speeds shown below are an indication of what can be expected from this  windsock. They do not bear any relation to windsocks of any other design and should be used as a guide only.

Available in sizes 1 to 5 5 metres in length.

Detailed Materials specification

Fabric: 300 Denier Textured Polyester High Visibility warning fabric for professional use.  Orange. PU (Polyurethane) reinforced.

Weave:  Oxford

Quality No.:  P200

Colour Specification:   EN471:2003 (High visibility spec.)

Coated Weight:  200 grams per square metre +/- 5%

Uncoated Weight:  150 grams per square metre +/- 5%

Tensile Strength:  Warp 1423N. Weft 1328N

Tear Strength:      Warp 88N. Weft 87N

Water Resistance:   EN343

Protection against rain:   EN343 Clause4.2 Class 3

Hooks:  High Grade 316 (A4) stainless steel. Can be used in coastal salt water environments.

Hoops:    Acetal - Chemical name: Polyoxymethylene (Copolymer)

Working Temp:                       -70°C to +100°C.

Main Characteristics:  Strong, Rigid and Tough with Good Sliding Properties. Resistant to hot water,  dilute acids, cleaning agents and numerous solvents.

Applications:     Friction Bearings, Gears, Rollers, Friction strips and Seals etc.

Adhesives:  3M DP-8005. (Used to bond windsock hoops for use in more hostile environments). Scotch-Weld™ DP-8005 is a solvent free, two-part, acrylic based, structural plastic adhesive designed to structurally bond Polyolefins to themselves and many other substrates. It has very good chemical resistance and its maximum  continuous service temperature should be kept under 100°C. (A complete data  sheet is available on request). Bondloc B401 is used for UK applications.

Ropes:           Multi-strand Polyester 8 plat construction, designed for marine applications.

Breaking load:       300 kg

Main Characteristics:  Good chemical resistance. Resistant to numerous solvents and good tolerance to extremes of temperature.

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