Funke TRT800H OLED Mode S Transponder

Funke TRT800H OLED Mode S Transponder

Code : 7921

The Funke TRT 800H OLED Mode S Transponder is a 125 watt antenna version of the TRT 800. The Funke Mode S Transponder has the same multi-mode specifications as the TRT800 Mode S transponder, and fits in the same 57mm housing.

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Interchangeable with most existing aircraft transponder fitments. Size 160mm behind panel plus 45 mm for connector. 140 mm wide and 40 mm height. Weight 850 gms plus connector. Unit is slotted in from the front of the panel.

  • Specifiy power supply with order 12-28 VDC
  • Transponder Mode-S according to ED73B, Class 1, Level 2s, Comm A/B, extd squitter
  • For maximum flight level 35000 ft, maximum velocity 250 knots.
  • According to ED73B, Class 1, Level 2es, Comm A/B, extd squitter. Fits ARINC standard slot.
  • The functions; A/C and Mode-S, Integrated Alticoder, easy operation through the four-line LC-display for:
    - active/standby code, mode STBY, A, A/C, S, flags and flight level, fully transistorized,Aircraft Adapter with address.

Supplied with a EASA Form 1 Release Certificate

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