GNS 5890 ADS-B Receiver

GNS 5890 ADS-B Receiver

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The GNS 5890 is a USB ADS-B Receiver and fits directly into your PC. Being only slightly bigger than a standard USB stick, the GNS5890 is the world's smallest ADS-B receiver.
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The GNS 5890 tracks aircraft allowing you to receive the data from ADS-B equipped aircraft within a 300km radius and have the information displayed on your PC or other USB compatible device. The GNS 5890 does this with a highly sensitive 1090 MHz ADS-B circuit and a bespoke antenna supplied with the purchase. The software supplied with the GNS 5890 utilises the virtual radar system, so that you can see on your computer screen where aircraft are displayed with their unique identifier, altitude, position (Lat/Long), air speed, heading, climb, aircraft type, registration and much more.

GNS 5890 ADS-B Receiver Features:

  • System works on ADS-B 1090 MHz
  • Highly sensitive ADS-B receiver
  • Can be used on Notebook, PC or tablet PC
  • Supports Computer systems Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000
  • Very small and ultra flat housing (61x27x9mm)
  • Great for FBO or Hobbyist ground operation
  • Small and ultra flat housing (61x27x9mm)

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows7, USB 2.0 Port, Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, VGA Graphics card. For best reception the antenna must have direct view to the sky. The GNS 5890 is also compatible to Planeplotter.

What's in the box: GNS 5890 receiver, Software CD, external ADS-B Antenna and Quick guide.

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