Bad Elf With Lightning Connector

Bad Elf With Lightning Connector

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Bad Elf GPS and GLONASS receiver for Lightning connector. Will fit iPhone 5 (or later), iPad Mini, iPad (4th generation or later) or any device with the Lightning connector socket.

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New Bad Elf GPS receiver for Lightning connector on newer iPod/iPhone/iPad.

The BE-GPS-1008 is the first third party plug-in Lightning Connector accessory approved by Apple. Bad Elf have upgraded the 1008 from the original BE-GPS-1000 to handle GLONASS and GPS satellites, and improved the case to allow the LED to be seen in bright sunlight as well as in the dark of night. We also added a little more style to the design.

Because it uses Apple's new Lightning Connector, it can plug into the iPad either way. And because the cable socket is on the side, users can direct the sync/charge cable to either side of the iPad/iPod touch.


• Instantly add GPS & GLONASS location support to your iPad Wi-Fi or iPod touch device with Lightning Connector.

• High performance 66-channel WAAS enables GPS provides latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and GPS track.

• Accurate to 2.5m (9ft) up to 60,000ft and 1,000mph.

• Quickly acquire satellite lock without cell tower assistance. Hot start time in as little as 2 seconds.

• Sleek design, great fit, and an internal LED that does not protrude from the case.

• Plugs into the iPad/iPod touch either way. And because the passthrough charging cable socket is on the side, you can direct the charge cable to either side of the iPad/iPod touch.

• Built-in micro-USB port allows for pass through charging while in use.

• No internet connection or monthly subscription required.

• Download the free Bad Elf app from the App Store for firmware updates and device configuration.


  • Version: BE-GPS-1008
  • 2.5m (9ft) positional accuracy with MTK Chipset.
  • 66 Channel GPS and GLONASS Receiver.
  • WASS Compatible, SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS support.
  • Up to 10Mhz Sample rate.
  • Lock times: 2 seconds (Hot), 15 seconds (Warm) 33 seconds(cold).
  • Size: 1.1" x 1.1" x 0.25" / 28x28x7mm
  • Weight: 0.3Oz / 8grams

In the Box:

  • Bad ELF GPS and GLONASS Receiver.
  • 3 ft Micro USB cable for direct charging.
  • Detachable keychain lanyard.


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