Garmin Aera 795 GPS

Garmin Aera 795 GPS
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Garmin Aera 795 GPS

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The Garmin Aera 795 incorporates the popular features of the Garmin 695 but the 795 also has new capabilities such as a touchscreen user interface, pilot-selectable screen orientation and 3D Vision.

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The Garmin aera 795 also takes the pilot one step closer to a paperless cockpit with a digital document viewer and scratch pad. The aera 795 has a high-resolution and sunlight readable 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display that can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode. The physical design has been optimised to fit on the yoke and is sized perfectly as a knee-mounted device. There are four touch keys on the bezel of the unit representing "Back", "Menu", "Direct-To" and "Nearest" for quick navigation to frequently used functions, and because the aera 795 is customisable, the user can also pick favorite features or pages to anchor as icons along the bottom of the screen for even faster access. The display has large, finger-touchable icons with intuitive pictures and labels to indicate their function such as: map, terrain, 3D Vision, WPT info, FPL list, active FPL, numbers, doc viewer, charts and tools. Pilots can choose any of these functions by simply touching the appropriate icon. The touchscreen interface also allows the pilot to quickly pan across the map and pinch/pull zoom.

The aera 795 features 3D Vision from Garmin, a unique 3D view of database-generated terrain. 3D Vision uses GPS position and the terrain-alerting database to recreate and display a behind-the-aircraft perspective view of the topographic landscape. The resulting virtual reality display offers pilots a 3D depiction of land and water features including terrain, obstacles, runways and airport signposts all shown in relative proximity to the aircraft. With a flick of a finger the 3D view can be rotated around the aircraft to easily view the surrounding terrain. Using forward-looking terrain avoidance capability, the aera 795 predicts in advance where potential hazards may exist and colourises the landscape showing amber or red overlays on those areas. Any towers or obstacles that may encroach upon the flight path are color-highlighted and clearly displayed with height-appropriate symbology.

For pilots who prefer Jeppesen charts and diagrams, Garmin also offers a ChartView enablement option. Garmin ChartView utilises Jeppesen's extensive library to provide global charting capabilities. Other features include a built-in digital document viewer that enables the pilot to load and view PDF documents, JPEG photos, and many other electronically formatted materials including checklists and detailed performance/procedural data from the aircraft flight manual. There is also a convenient scratch pad for writing down clearances or other important notes.

The optional City Navigator data on the aera 795 also allows you to search and locate any desired surface address for use as a flight plan waypoint or for aerial direct-to navigation. This makes it even easier for helicopter and fixed-wing operators to respond to critical missions around streets and highways, survey land or perform search and rescue operations.

Garmin's patented Panel Page on the aera 795 offers a backup solution to the instrument panel with its exclusive display of GPS-derived panel information, including track indication, GPS altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed and turn indication. Plus, the internal GPS provides position updates five times per second (5 Hz), allowing it to present flight data more smoothly and accurately.

Pilots can enjoy the AC-U-KWIK airport directory database, which features worldwide airport information for more than 7,800 airports globally, and contains hard-to-find information for pre-flight planning in Europe.

Garmin aera 795 with accessories supplied

Included with the 795: GA 25 Remote GPS Antenna w/ suction cup mount, Yoke Mount, DC Cigarette Adapter 12/24V Cradle, Home A/C Cradle Dock, USB cable, Garmin Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth, Pilot's Guide/Quick Reference Guide, Worldwide Basemap, Worldwide Terrain, Europe Navigation Data, Europe Obstacles, AC-U-KWIK Airport Directory.

The latest Aera 795 operating software also includes easy flight plan editing from the map page. Similar to Garmin's certified GTN Touchscreen Navigators, a user can now simply drag and drop a flight plan segment over a waypoint to add that waypoint to the flight plan. When performing an airspace or weather diversion, you can even drag the flight plan line to a point where no waypoints exists, and the Aera will create a new user waypoint and insert it into the flight plan.

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