Icom PS1508b.001 power supply

Icom PS1508b.001 power supply

Icom PS1508b.001 power supply

Code : PS1508
The PS1508B Battery back up / Power supply allows a range of ICOM mobiles to be used as fixed units by converting 240V AC voltage to the 13.5VDC required.
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The PS1508B is supplied with a pair of 7Ahr Lead Acid Batteries installed, giving a maximum of 14Ahr back up in the event of mains failure.

The series is compatiable with all ICOM commercial mobiles as well as the IC-A110 airband vehicle transceiver. This power supply is also an integral part of the IC-F5033M VHF Marine Base Station without the need for any further approvals.

The PS1508 icoporates a switch mode supply that will improve the efficiency of the unit. Each PS1508 is supplied with an enclosure to suit the model that you require.

The PS1508B will automatically switch between battery and PSU dependant on the presence of the mains supply. This provides you with uninterrupted use in the event of a power cut. The batteries will automatically recharge and the unit will switch back to AC operation when the mains supply is restored.

The Base Station Battery Back-up is ideal for any organisation that relies on continual radio communications. This unit could also provide your customers with the possibility of a portable solution for special events etc

Duty Cycle information (guide only)

A duty cycle of 10% TX, 10 % RX and 80%. Standby gives battery backup of over 12 hours* use upon the mains failing (from fully charged).
A duty cycle of 5% TX, 5% RX and 90%. Standby gives battery backup of over 20 hours* use upon the mains failing (from fully charged).

*Radio not included

Special order item

Please Note: Requires Modifcation to fit IC-A120E,IC-A220T and IC-A210E

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