Becker BXP6402-2R-01 Mode S Transponder VFR Class 2

Becker BXP6402-2R-01 Mode S Transponder VFR Class 2

Becker BXP6402-2R-01 Mode S Transponder VFR Class 2

Code : 2621
The Becker BXP6402 Mode S Transponder is a compact and lightweight single block Mode-S transponder. It is certified according to ETSO-2c112a, level 2 and class I and suited for VFR and IFR up to 50000 feet.
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The Becker BXP6402 been designed as a part of the Becker Compact Line for all aircraft and helicopters where small dimensions and light weight are essential.

    BXP 6402-2R-01 Transponder Main Feaures:
  • Level 2es, class 2, extended squitter and SI code < 150 watt, 2 ¼ inch.
  • Standard input for Blind-Encoder, parallel and serial RS 232/422. 50.000 ft,14/28V DC.ETSO-2C112a, TSO-C112

The transponder is equipped with extended squitter and SI code function and it provides an interface to the central aircraft data system. It allows ELS and supports EHS, ADS-B' via extended squitter.

The Becker Address Module AM6400-01-(01) (Transair Order Code 2621-3) stores ICAO address and additional fixed data, which is plugged on the transponder and remains in the aircraft, if the transponder is exchanged (aircraft sold, etc). The BXP6402 is designed for panel mounting and fits into a standard 2.25 inch cut out, and is supplied in two parts, the control head - CU 6401-1-01 (Transair Order Code 2621-1), and the remote transponder - BXP 6402-2R-01 (Transair Order Code 2621-2). You can either buy the above item as one complete unit (Transair order code 2621), or buy the three individual components as listed below.

The sunlight readable display can be illuminated and dimmed for night operation. The display shows the actual settings. The wide range of power supply voltage and the low power consumption make this transponder suitable for many different types of aircraft including for use operationally as either VFR as well as IFR.

The transponder is prepared for the connection of blind encoders from different manufacturers. The encoder can be connected to the transponder by a serial or a parallel interface. BXP 6402-2R-(01) is directly exchangeable to the ATC 4401-1 as the panel dimensions are the same and the main connector has the same pinouts.

    There are three Transponder "modes"
  • Mode A - the basic transponder ability to reply to interrogations with a 4-digit code (no altitude information).
  • Mode C - the reply signal includes both a 4-digit code and the aircraft's pressure altitude, usually obtained from a separate altitude encoder connected to the static system like the altimeter.
  • Mode S - a more sophisticated and expensive system, the reply signal also includes information identifying the aircraft, and other data.

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