Spanish ICAO Chart - LE4 Area Centro Norte - 2020

Spanish VFR Chart 2020 - LE4

Spanish ICAO Chart - LE4 Area Centro Norte - 2020

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The ENAIRE VFR500 Aeronautical Chart contains the necessary information for en-route visual flight navigation.

Strip covering the north centre of the peninsula, from the border with Portugal and comprising TMA MADRID and the southwestern part of TMA ZARAGOZA.

2020 Edition (there is no new edition for 2021)

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ICAO VFR500 Aeronautical charts, produced by the Aeronautical Information Division at ENAIRE. The 1:500 000 scale chart include all topographical and aeronautical data needed for flight planning and cover the entire territory of Spain.

Reference System

The Peninsula and Balearic Islands charts (LE1 to LE6) use the following reference system:

Lambert Conformal Conic Projection


  • Latitude of origin and central meridian: 40ºN 004ºW
  • Standard parallels: 37ºN and 42ºN
  • Linear units: metres
  • Datum: WGS84
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