Navtech EU(H/L)1 Enroute Chart [W/E]

Navtech EU(H/L)1 Enroute Chart [W/E]

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Navtech IFR Enroute charts are the result of extensive research and effort to provide the user with clearer and more concise flight information
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Due to an issue with the production software responsible for creating NAVTECH paper Enroute Charts, a number of charts now display an error where One Way Airways are now displayed as Multi Directional Airways.

There are 34 charts affected in total. They are: EU (H/L) 1, EU (H/L) 2, EU (H/L) 3, EU (H/L) 4, EU (H/L) 5, EU (H/L) 6, EU (H/L) 7, EU (H/L) 8, EU (H/L) 9, EU (H/L) 11, EU (H/L) 14, AF (H/L) 4, AS (H/L) 1, AS (H/L) 2, AS (H/L) 4, AS (H/L) 5, AS (H/L) 6, AS (H/L) 7, AS (H/L) 8, AS (H/L) 9, AS (H/L) 10, POLAR (H/L) 1, SAM (H/L) 1, SAM (L) 3, SAM (H/L) 4, NAM (H) 1, NAM (H) 2, NAM (L) 8, NAM (L) 10, AT (H) 3, PAC 1, PAC 3, CENTER EUR, LON / MAN

NAVTECH are working to fix the affected charts and have released the first 3 with revision 201715 (EU (H/L) 8, AS (H/L) 2, CENTER EUR) . They expect all charts to have been corrected by weekending 10th June 2017.

Bulletins have been created for all affected ENC Charts detailing the airways affected. These can be found by clicking on the link NAVBLUE BULLTINS

Affected charts will also be sold with a hardcopy of this bulletin.

Easier to read with standard scales of 1:1,000 000 low altitude and 1:2,000 000 high altitude. Colour charts for information clarity Clearer Charts - additional information is printed on the reverse of charts to cut down map clutter VOR's Depicted clearer.

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