Sporty's Transceiver Holder Gear Mod

Sporty's Flight Gear Transceiver Holder Gear Mod
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Sporty's Transceiver Holder Gear Mod

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Customise your Flight Gear Bag with Sporty’s Gear Mods. These modular storage compartments allow you match your bag to your mission. The Transceiver Holder Gear Mod is designed to hold and protect your handheld transceiver and fits most popular models from brands like ICOM and Yaesu.


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Each bag in Sporty’s Flight Gear line has an internal gear wall with a soft felt material. This is the perfect mounting point for hook and loop Gear Mods. Have a backup iPad? Grab a Gear Mod and stick it to the back wall. But the test pilot's at Sporty's didn't stop with bags.  We added the same soft felt material to the side of our kneeboards. Now you can take the gear mod from your bag and stick it to the side of your kneeboard.

This Gear Mod fits most hand-held radios and measures 8” x 3.5” x 2”. Patented split flap top allows you to keep the antenna on the radio while it is in the case. Internal sleeve provides a place to stow the antenna when not in use. Thicker padding on this gear also helps keep a nice barrier between your other gear and your radio, especially if you have the tendency to overstuff your flight bag.

Accessories/radio not included


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