MM005 Radio Interface Icom A2/20/21,Alinco, YAESU

MM005 Radio Interface Icom A2/20/21 Alinco YAESU

MM005 Radio Interface Icom A2/20/21,Alinco, YAESU

Code : MM005-A
The Microavionics Radio Interface is not just a simple radio interface, it uses the latest technology to produce an efficient powered radio interface, with very low power consumption and all the features a pilot would require.
£295.00 Inc VAT
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Connect upto two radios at once. Mobile phone input.

  • Twin PTT with mic opposite mic muting
  • Stereo Music Input
  • Stereo Record Output
  • Auxiliary Control
  • Power radio from the interface.


  • Micro Amp power. Typically 3mA per headset connected, when using main supply connected
  • LED lights show, Headset batteries full charge indicator.
  • RX LED.
  • TX LED.
  • Ignition power on.
  • Switchable 10v or 12v output for all Icom radios.
  • Automatic soft  audio muting circuit. Mutes second radio, music, & telephone when the master radio receives a transmission.
  • User adjustable, TX mic gain & EQ adjuster, intercom max volume adjuster, muting sensitivity.

Supplied with, Radio Interface unit, Ignition Power supply lead, no need to connect power as the interface will use the headset power.

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