Complete Set of Nordian ATPL Helicopter Training Books

Complete Set of Nordian ATPL Helicopter Training Books

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Nordian EASA ATPL 15 Manual Set For Helicopters cover the learning objectives of the JAR/EASA helicopter syllabi ATPL courses. An invaluable asset in exam preparation and gaining knowledge.

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Packed with a total of over 2200 illustrations and a large number of questions, the books are authored by experts in the respective subjects and extensive teaching experience.

The set contains the following titles:

  • Air law and ATC Procedures

  • Electrics

  • Human Performance and Limitations

  • Meterology

  • General Navigation

  • Radio Navigation

  • Communications

  • Airframes and Systems for Helicopters

  • Powerplant for Helicopters

  • Instrumentation for Helicopters

  • Mass and Balance for Helicopters

  • Performance for Helicopters

  • Flight Planning for Helicopters

  • Operational procedures for Helicopters

  • Principles of flight for Helicopters