Pooleys CB1 Kneeboard

Pooleys CB1 Kneeboard

Code : 1528

The CB-1 is a simple, lightweight Pilots Kneeboard.

Rigid in construction and finished in durable black leather grain PVC. Fitted with spring clip for retention and use of Landing/Approach Plates, Frequency Lists and Log Pads. 

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Includes 2 loops (one each side) to hold Chinagraph/lead pencils or pens, with a clear plastic flip over protective cover on front, reinforced eyelet to retain stop watch holder, elasticated velcro-fastening thigh strap and moulded, cushioned back for comfort. Printed white lettering detailing Semi-Circular rules, Phonetic Alphabet, Morse Code, selected Transponder Codes and Mnemonic Position Report.

Size: 157mm (w) x 230mm(h).


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