Revo Observer Sunglasses

Revo Observer Sunglasses

Revo Observer Sunglasses

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For those looking for a classic aviator with a smaller, flatter fit, Observer is your new go-to sunglass. Clean lines and a comfortable fit make Observer the perfect addition to your aviator collection.
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Manages the full spectrum of light, including blue light and high-energy visible (HEV) light
Filters out harmful light, while selectively allowing light that is helpful for vision
All lenses feature Digital Polarized Plus technology for 100% polarization to protect against glare, while still allowing you to view devices, watches, phones, etc.


REVO EXCLUSIVE MIRROR COATINGS: 3-6 layers of high-tech, performance mirror coatings based on NASA lens technology used for satellite protection
REVO BACK-SURFACE PROTECTION COATING: 5 layers of protective coatings that help reduce intrusive back-surface reflections
AUTHENTIC REVO HYDROPHOBIC COATING: Permanent coating on the back of the lens that repels water and sweat
AUTHENTIC REVO OLEOPHOBIC COATING: Permanent coating on the front of the lens that repels oil and fingerprints

Revo lenses enjoy world leading UV500 NASA developed lens technology

G-35 Size

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