Aera Twist Lock Suction Mount For TomTom Rider 2

Aera Twist Lock Suction Mount For TomTom Rider 2

Aera Twist Lock Suction Mount For TomTom Rider 2

Code : RAM-B-166-347
The RAM-B-166-347U, twist lock suction cup mount consists of a 3.25" suction cup locking base and 2" x 1.7" square base end.
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lso any other units that can use an AMPS base plate. Ball Size: 1" Rubber B Ball Size. Material: Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminium and High Strength Composite.

When attaching the suction base, it must be clean and dry and so must be the surface it affixes to. An alternative method is to attach an adhesive rose pad the RAP-350 on to the dash area and fix the suction base onto it.


Example mount for Apple iPhone with adhesive base kit:
iPhone Arrow RAM iPhone Holder Plus RAM iPhone Base Kit  
  Device Holder   Base Kit

A complete mounting solution will consist of a device holder (part number RAM-HOL-xxx) and a base kit which can be selected from the Mounting Base Kits.

Device holders are interchangeable so you dont need to change the base kit if you want to attach a different device.

RAM iPhone Holder   Device Holders

All device holders with part numbers beginning RAM-HOL have two fixing holes and include a set of two nuts and bolts to attach to a base kit. All device holders have a flat, diamond profile fixing surface that mates with a base kit.
RAM iPhone Base Kit  

Base Kits

All base kits have a flat diamond profile fixing surface which is either a part of the base kit moulding or a separate part (RAM-B-238) to attach to a device holder.

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