iPad & iPad 2 Handi-Case

iPad & iPad 2 Handi-Case

Code : RAM-HC1-AP8
The RAM iPad and iPad 2 Handi-Case is the answer for a truly portable iPad work station, designed to accommodate your office essentials. The iPad Handi-Case features a custom iPad holder which securely fastens your iPad inside your Handi-Case.
Availability: Currently out of stock but available for back order
Not only does the Handi-Case keep your iPad protected, it also provides storage options for documents, writing instruments, and other useful items. Made from high strength composite material, the Handi-Case is perfect for anyone from students to field technitions who simply want their iPad kept safe and their daily life organised.

RAM Handi-Case Features:

  • Multiple punch outs on the sides and back for running power into or out of the Handi-Case
  • Multiple storage spaces inside the case to hold documents, pens, nuts, bolts, etc
  • Pockets for magnets that can be used to hold pens
  • Handi-Case closes completely while iPad is mounted.

Included with Purchase:

  • Handi-Case iPad holder
  • Two "rare earth magnets"
  • Custom RAM pen
  • Detachable clip

RAM Handi-Case Internal Dimensions: Length: 12.125" Width: 9.875" Depth/Height: 1.375" Suitable for use with iPad and iPad 2