Universal PDA Holder

Universal PDA Holder

Universal PDA Holder

Code : RAM-HOL-PD3
The RAM-HOL-PD3 holder is designed for the following devices: DELL AXIM X3, AXIM X30, AXIM X50, AXIM X50V, AXIM X51 & AXIM X51V.
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HP IPAQ 200, 210, 211, 212 & 214 HP IPAQ H6300 H6315, H6320, H6325, HW6510, HW6515, HX2000, HX2100, HX2110, HX2400, HX2415, HX2490, HX2700, HX2715, HX2750, HX2755, HX2775, HX4700, HX4705, RX3115, RX3715, RX5915, RX5935, RZ1700 & RZ1710

PALM III, M100, M105, M125, M130, M500, M505, M515, T/X, TUNGSTEN, V, VX, ZIRE & ZIRE 21

TOSHIBA E300, E310, E330, E350, E355, E740, E750, E755 & E800

Clamping Dimensions: Height Range: 4.75" - 6.25" Width Range: 2.25" - 3.25"

Material: High Strength Composite

Note: The holder includes a set of two nuts and bolts to connect to any of the RAM compatible components.

Example mount for Apple iPhone with adhesive base kit:
  Device Holder   Base Kit

A complete mounting solution will consist of a device holder (part number RAM-HOL-xxx) and a base kit which can be selected from the Mounting Base Kits.

Device holders are interchangeable so you dont need to change the base kit if you want to attach a different device.

  Device Holders

All device holders with part numbers beginning RAM-HOL have two fixing holes and include a set of two nuts and bolts to attach to a base kit. All device holders have a flat, diamond profile fixing surface that mates with a base kit.

Base Kits

All base kits have a flat diamond profile fixing surface which is either a part of the base kit moulding or a separate part (RAM-B-238) to attach to a device holder.

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