Blind Spot's Original Pilots Ruler

Blind Spot's Original Pilots Ruler

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The Blind Spot Pilot's Ruler has been designed to offer pilots maximum support in the simplest way, during flight preparation and in flight. It enables pilots to solve navigation problems and provides useful information both at a glance.
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The front holds a protractor, two distance measuring scales and a EET table. The rear side integrates two types of information:- for use during normal, every day, flights- for emergency situations (information that we once all knew by heart when we applied for the pilots' exam, but probably have forgotten today because we never use it - and hopefully will never have to!)

There are two distance measuring scales on the ruler:

  • for the Terminals Area Chart, scale 1/250 000
  • for the Sectional Chart (SEC), scale 1/500 000
  • for World Aeronautical Charts (WAC), scale 1/1 000 000, simply use the measuring scale 1/500.000 and multiply all distances by 2 (two).

The DISTANCE RULER and EET table can both be used for flight preparation and during flight.


  • The EET table (expected-en-route-time, or flying time) for instant read out of the flying time to: final destination; next, or any, way point; any reporting point, as asked by ATC.
  • Enter distance and ground speed and read out immediately the expected flying time.

The EET table can also be used for calculation of:

  • Ground speed and head- or tailwind component during flight, when no other measuring means (DME, GPS) are available.
  • Look up in the table the flown time for a known distance (between two way points) and read out the corresponding ground speed (GS).
  • The difference between the TAS and GS determines the head- or tailwind component.

The integrated protractor is of the standard type, North is held up. Place it, hole over point of departure, over the line that connects departure (or actual position) to destination and read out the track. Or use te side of a pencil to connect departure and destination.

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