Transair ATPL (A) Ground School Essentials Pack

Transair ATPL (A) Study Pack
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Transair ATPL (A) Ground School Essentials Pack

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Transair have put together an ATPL (A) study pack which includes all the items you require for studying the ATPL Ground School Course. All you need to add is the ATPL study manuals of your choice. This study pack offers a significant saving compared with buying each of the items individually and encompasses a full range of quality training products needed for the course.

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Study pack:
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Transair ATPL (A) Study Pack

This pack is available with either the Transair TPS-2 Commercial Flight computer or the Pooleys CRP-5 which is selectable using the drop down menu.

The Transair ATPL (A) study pack includes the following:

  • Black Transair Professional Flight Bag.
  • Jeppesen EASA Student Pilot Route Manual.
  • CAP 698 Aeroplane Performance Manual.
  • CAP 697 Flight Planning Manual.
  • CAP 696 Mass and Balance Manual.
  • Transair TPS-2 Flight Computer OR Pooleys CRP-5 Flight Computer.
  • Transair 16” Scale Navigation Ruler.
  • Transair 5” Square Protractor.
  • Casio FX-85 Scientific Calculator (EASA Exam Approved)
  • Transair Organiser Folding Kneeboard.
  • Transair Professional Pilots Log Book.
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