FULL SET - CATS Books For EASA ATPL Training

FULL SET - CATS Books For EASA ATPL Training
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FULL SET - CATS Books For EASA ATPL Training

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CATS Cranfield Aviation Training School ATPL manuals are up-to-the minute theoretical knowledge ATPL training manual offers, concise, relevant, ease of learning for the EASA ATPL syllabus.

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Produced in the UK by CATS, these up-to-the-minute theoretical knowledge study guides offer a cost effective, concise, relevant and modern approach to learning all of the subjects within the EASA PART-FCL CPL & ATPL Syllabi.

They cover all the EASA Learning Objectives and important key facts are highlighted in colour throughout. 13 volumes cover in complete and sufficient depth all of the 14 subjects required (IFR & VFR Communications are combined). Paperback, perfect bound.

The complete CATS manual set includes the following titles:

SGHPL - Human Performance & Limitations
SGAL - Air Law & ATC Procedures
SGOPS - Operational Procedures
SGMET - Meteorology
SGCOM - VFR & IFR Communications
SGPOF - Principles of Flight
SGPERF - Performance
SGGNAV - General Navigation
SGFP - Flight Planning & Monitoring
SGMB - Mass & Balance
SGAGK - Aircraft General Knowledge
SGINST - Instrumentation
SGRNAV - Radio Navigation


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