Jeppesen - Communications EASA ATPL Manual

Jeppesen - Communications EASA  ATPL Manual

Jeppesen - Communications EASA ATPL Manual

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Communications is often viewed as a confusing and deterrent topic. The well-structured structure of this textbook helps the learner to quickly record and save the relevant points for the exam.
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The Jeppesen EASA ATPL Training Textbook - Communications provides you with the necessary knowledge of regulations and responsibilities in international aviation.

Always up-to-date with print-on-demand production and always with QR codes (for linking to digital content), this textbook guides you step by step through the subject area. The Jeppesen EASA ATPL textbook series offers modular training components with the aim of preparing prospective pilots for courses and exams in the best possible way.

Jeppesen is launching the EASA ATPL Training Series, a completely revised textbook series. The manuals were developed in close cooperation with Peters Software GmbH , which has been successfully based for years on the EXAM questionnaires in professional pilots and private pilot training. This has created a completely new learning system. The contents of all textbooks are provided with QR codes throughout, so that the learner can directly access graphics or videos on the content.

The textbook series primarily combines textbook training with an exam question database
The textbooks use modern photorealistic illustrations and animated graphics (via QR code)
Illustrations and contents are provided with QR codes
Permanent updating by production using the print-on-demand method

Training system:
Jeppesen EASA ATPL textbook series is based on the comprehensive database developed and managed by Peters Software GmbH .
Content structure of the textbooks according to "Part FCL Subject Codes"
The use of the FCL Syllabus topic labels makes it easier for the learner to get an overview of the Erlente.
The modular structure allows training organizations and individual students to approach the training content in such a way that the maximum learning success is achieved.

Volume: 15 - Communications
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-88487-064-7

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