Nordian ED7.2 - Flight Planning EASA ATPL VOL 15

Nordian ED7.2 - Flight Planning EASA ATPL VOL 15

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The Nordian EASA Flight Performance together with the books Performance and Mass & Balance, covers the EASA-FCL Learning Objectives in the subject Flight Performance and Planning.

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Main topics are EU OPS, Cross Country VFR, Meteorology for Flight Planning, Flight planning for the following aeroplanes:

  • Single Engine Piston (the EASA generic aeroplane SEP1)
  • Multi Engine Piston (the EASA generic aeroplane MEP1)
  • Medium Range Twin Jet (the EASA generic aeroplane MRJT1)

Extended Range Operations with Two-Engine Aeroplanes (ETOPS), Point of No Return and Critical Point, ICAO Flight Plan - CA48, North Atlantic Operations, IFR Charts.

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