Nordian ED7.2 - Airframes/Systems EASA ATPL VOL 2

Nordian ED7.2 - Airframes/Systems EASA ATPL VOL 2

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Edition 7 Nordian EASA compliant ATPL Manual Airframes & Systems covers everything from the basic construction of a single engine aircraft to the most advanced fuel systems of modern multi-engine Jets.

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The book is easy and enjoyable to read, and it has nearly 200 colorful illustrations. You will find topics like The Fuselage, Wing Structure, Tailplane, Hydraulic Systems, Landing Gear, Flight Controls, Pneumatic Systems, Ice and Rain Protection, Fuel Systems, Doors and Emergency Exits, Fire detection and Protection, Supplemental Oxygen Systems and Emergency Equipment.

Together with "Electrics", "Powerplant" and "Instrumentation", this book covers the curriculum in the subject "Aircraft General Knowledge" as required by EASA-FCL.

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