Nordian ED7.2 - Electrics EASA ATPL VOL 3

Nordian ED7.2 - Electrics EASA ATPL VOL 3

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Edition 7 Nordian EASA Manual Electrics gives the student pilot an introduction to the Fundamentals of Electrics and Magnetism. Further on, you will learn about topics like Batteries, Capacitors, Semiconductors and Computer Technology.

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The book covers DC and AC theory in depth. You will find AC and DC Aircraft Generators and Motors, as well as various typical Electrical Systems found in small and large aeroplanes. The last part contains Radio Communication theory related to aviation.

Together with "Airframes and Systems", "Powerplant" and "Instrumentation", the "Electrics" book covers the curriculum in the "Aircraft General Knowledge" as required by EASA-FCL. It consists of 280 pages and more than 300 illustrations in colour.

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