Nordian ED7.2 - Powerplant EASA ATPL VOL 4

Nordian ED7.2 - Powerplant EASA ATPL VOL 4

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Edition 7 of the Nordian EASA compliant ATPL Manual Powerplant is divided into two sections. Section one is the Reciprocating Engine, and cover topics like: Lubrication, Cooling, Ignition, Carburetion, Fuel Injection, Fuel Systems and Engine Performance.

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Section two is the Jet Engine, and covers topics like: Principles of Operation, Working Cycle, Intakes, Compressors, Combustion, Turbines, Exhaust, Thrust Augmentation, Internal and Bleed Air, Gearboxes, Ignition, Fuel, Lubrication, Noise Suppression, Ice protection, Control Indicators, Operation, Turbo-Props, APU and Ram Air Turbine.

Together with "Airframes and Systems", "Electrics" and "Instrumentation", the "Powerplant" book covers the curriculum In the "Aircraft General Knowledge" as required by EASA-FCL.

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