Nordian ED7.2 - Instumentation EASA ATPL VOL 5

Nordian ED7.2 - Instumentation EASA ATPL VOL 5

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Edition 7 of the The EASA compliant Nordian Instrumentation ATPL manual covers all types of instruments found in today's aeroplanes. Both instrumentation of small, single-engine piston aeroplanes and large, modem jets are covered here.

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Main topics are among the following: Pressure Instruments and Air Data Computers, Radio Altimeters, Magnetism and Compasses, Gyro Systems, Inertial Navigation Systems, EFIS, FMS, Engine Instrumentation, Autopilots, Warning and Recording Systems, TCAS, GPWS.

Together with "Airframes and Systems", "Powerplant" and "Electrics", the "Instrumentation" book covers the curriculum in the "Aircraft General Knowledge" as required by EASA-FCL. It consists of 370 pages with Tots of colorful illustrations. Additional pages covers NPA 25.

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