Nordian ED7.2 - Performance EASA ATPL VOL 7.2

Nordian ED7.2 - Performance EASA ATPL VOL 7.2

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Edition 7 EASA compliant Nordian ATPL Manual Performance together with Mass & Balance and Flight Planning, covers the EASA Learning Objectives in the subject Flight Performance and Planning.

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Aircraft Performance for the ATPL is split into three aeroplane categories:

  • Single Engine Piston (SEP1)
  • Multi-Engine Aeroplanes (MEP1) not certified under CS 25 (Light twin) Performance Class B
  • Multi-Engine Aeroplanes certified under CS 25, Performance Class A (MRJT1)

The content of this book is produced in the same order, building up a complete understanding of aircraft performance from small to large aeroplanes. Before starting on the SEP there are a number of terms and definitions that have to be understood. A number of EASA regulations concerning Performance are reproduced as they apply to each aspect of Performance.

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