Nordian Ed 7.2 - Human Performance & Limitations - Vol 8

Nordian Ed 7.2 - Human Performance & Limitations - Vol 8

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The EASA compliant Nordian Human ATPL Manual covers the requirements of both the ICAO and EASA. The relevance of human factors may be simply summed up by the fact that approximately 75% of all air accidents are now accountable to human error.

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When considering the huge advances in aircraft safety in terms of technical reliability and accuracy, it is only prudent to consider the crew's role in the improvement of flight safety.

This implies that all pilots must have a thorough knowledge of both flight physiology and psychological aspects relevant to aviation.

You will find these topics In the "Human Performance & Limitations" book, together with all other topics listed In the EASA-FCL. Examples are Vision, Hearing and Balance, Spatial Disorientation and Sensory Illusions, the Nervous System, Hygiene, Human Error, Flight Deck Management, Stress, Sleep and Automation. The book also deals with Accident Statistics, Flight Safety Concepts and the SHELL Concept.

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