The Commercial Pilots Licence

The Commercial Pilots Licence

The Commercial Pilots Licence

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The commercial pilot's licence airms to dispel some common misconceptions and to tell you in an easy and user friendly way what you need to know to get an EASA CPL and become a better pilot.

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Written by Anneli Christian-Phillips, a commercial pilot with over 3,000 hours instructional experience.
Much of the litarure avilable to CPL students has much to say about what you will have to fly but not how to fly it. This book, by contrast offers real practical advice on the lesson content and how to fly the manoevres,rather than just a list if what you are expected to know at the end of it.


  • Topics covered include:
  • Things to consider before you start.
  • The CPL syllabus sections.
  • What happens furing the test.
  • After the test.


112 pages, paperback, Illustrated with 26 colour photographs.

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