B737 Sim & Checkride Survival

B737 Sim & Checkride Survival

B737 Sim & Checkride Survival

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No more guessing what you are supposed to know for your check ride. These manuals are a training toolset for the fabulous Boeing Glass Flight-Desk equipped aircraft.

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These survival manuals reflect the current set-up procedures used by airlines. Using easy to understand explanations and graphics these manuals guides you through; cockpit setup, flows, emergencies, profiles, limits, critical maneuvers, op specs and more.

This book has been the tutorial of choice for literally hundreds of airline pilots wanting to "get ready" for their initial and recurrent and check-ride.

Profusely populated with hundreds of illustrations and diagrams and written in that easy-to-read Mike Ray style. Great resource for pilots and simmers alike.

About 350 pages of those fabulous graphics and diagrams that present the intricate and formidable technical details in a simple and entertaining manner. A must have for the transitioning pilot, NEW GUY, or for the serious SIMMER who wants to know how the airline guys do it.

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