ASA The Pilots Manual Flight School

ASA The Pilot's Manual Flight School

ASA The Pilots Manual Flight School

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The ASA Pilot's Manual - Flight School teaches you how to fly your aircraft through all the manoeuvres required for Private and Commercial certification.

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This new 5th edition has been updated throughout to reflect current rules and procedures, as well as the Airman Certification Standards.

Time is money in an aeroplane and with an instructor. Effective for both pre-flight learning and post-flight briefings, Flight School will benefit flight instructors with better-prepared students, and students will benefit from more progress in their flight training.

The Pilot’s Manual: Flight School covers all the tasks for the FAA Practical Exam for the Private and Commercial certificates. With text supported by more than 500 full-colour illustrations and photographs, students gain both a theoretical and operational understanding of the tasks. In addition to covering all the manoeuvres required for the checkride, this textbook also prepares readers for the student pilot milestones: first solo, cross-country flying, instrument flight, and night flying.

The appendix provides a comprehensive aircraft checkout review, which readers can use to prepare for transitioning to a new aeroplane type, insurance applications, or the Flight Review. This book makes it easy for students to learn the manoeuvres before taking to the air, so their time spent in the aircraft with an instructor is dedicated to practice.

Key Features:

  • Current — Flight School covers all the manoeuvres from the FAA’s new Airman Certification Standards for Private Pilot, and Practical Test Standards for the Commercial Pilot certificate.
  • Colourful — More than 500 full-colour, dynamic illustrations and photographs so readers can visualise each manoeuvre performed in the aircraft.
  • Simple — Logical organisation and colourful presentation work as both a self-study and classroom text.
  • Thorough — The book prepares readers for the student pilot milestones: first solo, cross-country flying, instrument flight, and night flying.
  • Timeless — Readers will refer to the book time and time again for transitioning to a new aircraft type, insurance applications, and the Flight Review (BFR).
  • Effective — Margin notes highlight the important facts for each page and diagrams support the textual descriptions for each manoeuvre.
  • Workbook — Chapters conclude with review questions so readers can ensure they’ve acquired the necessary knowledge.
  • FAR/ICAO — Works in both U.S. and International training environments: satisfies FAA aeronautical knowledge requirements outlined in AC-61-138.
  • Trusted — Written by a remarkable editorial team consisting of civilian, airline, and military, pilots, flight instructors, professors, FAA representatives, and industry leaders.
  • Well Constructed — Hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11” format, full-color illustrations throughout, 608 pages.


  • Author: Aviation Theory Centre Ltd.
  • ISBN: 978-1-61954-498-7
  • Edition: Fifth Edition
  • Dimensions: 8.375" x 10.75"
  • Page Count: 608 pages
  • Illustrations: More than 500 full-colour illustrations
  • Includes: Glossary, index, review questions
  • Weight: 4.0 lbs
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