Aviationexam Subscription for EASA ATPL Exams

Aviationexam Subscription for EASA ATPL Exams

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Get the access to the famous Aviationexam Question Bank and avoid surprises on your EASA exams. Studying from the collection of up to date questions and answers, you get the most complex preparation for your theoretical exams for all the subjects of EASA syllabus. This activation card gives you access to the EASA database for 12 months.


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The database contains over 16 000 exam questions sorted into individual subjects, areas and subareas to reflect the structure of the EASA learning objectives. The Question Bank allows you to use filters available for various levels: ATPL / CPL / IR / CBIR / EIR / FOC (both for airplanes and helicopters). Our specialists work hard to help you prepare in a very efficient way, bringing you the most up to date study materials.

Aviationexam offers many features to help you get ready for your pilot exams. The questions in our database are accompanied with detailed explanations that also allow you to further improve your knowledge. The system allows you to write comments and discuss the difficult questions with other students and also to add private notes to any question you wish.

For one low subscription price you can access the Question Bank using any combination of the Apps - all at the same time. Use the cloud feature to keep your studies synchronised across all your devices. Instant activation, anywhere you are, anytime you want!

Why Choose Avexam?

  • Detailed explanations to all questions
  • Frequent updates to ensure the best possible representation of the EASA question bank
  • Multi-platform capability – study online or use our applications that also run offline
  • Picture supplements in high quality.
  • Make private notes for specific questions.
  • Built-in navigation computers (CR-3 and E6B).
  • Discuss specific questions with other students through comments.
  • Unbeatable statistics, reports and progress monitoring.
  • Search for specific keywords in questions and answers.
  • Mark questions for later review or set various question flags.
  • 3 sizes of the question bank (Essential – Standard – Exhaustive)
  • Solid company with history of 10+ years in the business of pilot exam test prep.
  • System reliability achieved through the use of robust hardware architecture; multiple backup systems and a high-bandwidth server connectivity.

Please Note: This item is non-refundable once redeemed


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