RANT XL - Radio Aids Navigation Tutor CD

RANT XL - Radio Aids Navigation Tutor CD

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Release 4 is now fully compatiblewith Windows 7/8/10 and contains 3 programs for the price of one, RANT XL provides all the ground training a pilot needs to navigate the most complicated radio aids navigation task.

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Jeppersen charting and approach plates.
Database that covers all the the USA Plus Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Morocco, The Gulf, Cyprus and most of europe.

There are interactive tutorials and consolidation exercises to help you understand the intricacies of using VOR, DME, ADF, ILS, RNAV and GPS. Also included is an easy-to-use Flight Planner featuring Garmin GPS serial connectivity. In addition a real-time, standalone weather decoder is provided in the Met Viewer program. RANT comes with aeronautical databases that cover most of Europe, the USA, Iceland, Cyprus and New Zealand. The RANT tutorials, help system and program language can be set to UK English, US English, French or German.

Whether you are working towards a PPL, or you are about to embark on the rigors of the Instrument Rating Test, this package will make your valuable flying time more productive by allowing you to practise the fundamentals on the ground.

Over 60 tutorials cover the complete spectrum of radio navigation techniques. These tutorials describe the navigation aids and instruments together with their functions, basic navigation techniques, NDB/VOR tracking and arcing, holds and ILS procedures. In association with Jeppersen, there is a section on interpreting en-route and approach charts plus tutorials on compass turns, mental dead-reckoning and Morse.

Once a tutorial is completed that technique can be practised in the appropriate exercise section. The computer will pick a task and check on your progress. During any exercise, or when flying in the practice mode, a recording or snapshot may be made of your progress and saved for later playback. You can also print out your track. You can accept the photo-realistic instruments selected by default, or alter the settings to give a range of instrumentation from a basic RBI up to the latest electronic HSI. RANT is one of the few programs to accurately simulate ADF dip. On the approach and departure from selected aerodromes you are able to fly the aircraft monitoring your progress on one of over 80 on-screen Jeppersen plates. Additional libraries of approach/departure plates and navexes can be created in the Procedures Builder.

Once the basics of needle navigation have been mastered then you can proceed to the Practice Section where you can fly from any chosen start point. You can tune in any beacon on-screen or by dialling in the frequency, check the coding and fly a complete profile from departure to arrival. Zoom in/out, move at Turbo speed or move instantly to anywhere on the map.

RANT's positioning and GPS playback facilities make it an ideal briefing and debriefing tool for the professional instructor.

As well had the RANT XL software, inlcuded in the package are:
A fully featured navigation planner for use with the RANT XL. Using the same database as RANT XL you can enter you navigation route, either in a table or graphically and let the program calculate all the headings, times and fuel remaining. You can input a wind profile and RANT will calculate the wind for each leg. RANT flight planner allows you to edit your route, move turing points and insert legs. The diversion finders finds a suitable airfield and plans the leg for diversion as well. The software also gives you the option to print a full VFR and IFR pilots log. ICAO flight plans can also be printed.
A text and graphoc interface that allows you to download weather information from around the world, then translates it into readable English and displays it graphically using the NATO colour code system.

RANT is in use in many training schools including Oxford Aviation Academy, Cabair, Flight Training Europe and CTC as well as the RAF and thousands of individual users. The CAA list RANT in the training aids section of LASORS.

System Requirements: Windows XP to Win 10, 64 Mbyte RAM, 16-bit colour with 800x600 resolution or better. A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 is recommended. For enhanced graphic effects 1 GByte RAM is required.

RANT will work on a Mac but only on the Windows emulator or when loaded (on an intel--based Mac) in Windows on a Mac.

RANT XL is sold with a non-transferrable, single-user, single computer licence for private, personal use.

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