The Killing Zone - Book

The Killing Zone - Book

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Author - Paul A. Craig
Once the PPL has been completed pilots leave behind their instructor and enter (the killing Zone) which stretches ominously from 40 to 250 flight hours.
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Don't fly solo before you understand all the dangers of the kiling zone!
It could save your like.

This survival guide for the new pilots identifies waiting inside the killing zone, the period from 50 to 350 flight hours when they leave their instructors behind and fly as pilot in command for the first time. Altrough they're privately certified, many of these unseadoned aviators are unaware of the potential accidents that lie ahead while trying to build decision-making skills on teir own - many times falling victim to inexperience.

New to the second edition: dealing with glass cockpits, GPS Moving maps, Collison avoidance systems and a new chapter on avilable safety vs actual safety.

277 pages, soft back edition.

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