The Complete PPL Flying Course - DVD

The Complete PPL Flying Course - DVD

The Complete PPL Flying Course - DVD

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The Complete PPL Flying Course 2 disc set covers all of the practical flying exercises required to obtain the EASA Private Pilot's License or PPL. The structure of the DVDs follows exactly the Syllabus for the PPL Flying Course as laid down by EASA.

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Covers the EASA flying course.

For the first time, the complete EASA Private Pilots Licence flying course from inside the cockpit.

How is this achieved? In the cockpit, an important facet of each lesson is the "follow me through" whereby the instructor (in this instance, Boeing 767 pilot & CAA Examiner, Lee Hearn), demonstrates each manoeuvre; showing how to fly it correctly, the effect on the aircraft, the safety factors the pilot must be aware of as well as demonstrating good airmanship throughout.

On these DVDs you will find 46 separate interactive Video Airwork Lessons from Flying Straight & Level to executing a safe Crosswind Landing. There are also 35 pages of Information & Checklists.

Filmed in High Definition from up to 7 camera positions inside and outside the aircraft, every student will find this an invaluable study aid. For qualified pilots, it will act as an important reference source of correct flying skills for future checkouts and continuous self improvement.

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