Original Irvin Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Original Irvin Sheepskin Flying Jacket

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Please note that this jacket is a special order item with a lead time of approximately 4 weeks.  This is because your jacket will be hand-made especially for you.  Other options re pockets and special sizing are available.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

There is only one true Irvin and this is it. Aviation Leathercraft (part of Moto-Lita Ltd) own the Irvin trademark and manufacture this genuine jacket here in the U.K. An Irvin label within each jacket confirms its authenticity.

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When those of us that were once small boys ran around, arms extended, making aircraft engine noises, this is the jacket we would have worn. In our mind’s eye, this jacket was synonymous with heroic derring-do. If there is one item of apparel that sums up all that is best about the brave British tradition of mastery of the skies, this is it.

Of course, the Irvin Original Sheepskin Flying Jacket is practical: it is made from first-rate, hard-wearing materials and it’s made with the same pedantic attention to detail demonstrated by its creator. It will last you virtually forever, but it’s not just about practical stuff - the Irvin jacket is a legend, it’s part of a story, it has its place in our history and as much as anything else owning a genuine Irvin just feels right. You put it on and there’s no question that you’re part of something special.
This jacket includes the exclusive Irvin label.

Jackets are cut either 'regular' or 'long'. Please note: LONG does not mean a longer jacket it generally is only applicable to clients who are over 6 foot (183cms) Our 'long' cut sizes provide additional length on sleeve and back lengths for our taller clients only. Please see the size guide for further information.

Care of your Sheepskin Jacket
All sheepskin garments with a 'leather look' have a sprayed on finish. This is true of every brand available on the market, and the finish will wear to a suede-like appearance over time. This finish is colourfast under normal circumstances. However, certain solvents on hands or surfaces can slightly damage the dark brown finish in a way that the colour could run. These solvents include: Leather seat treatments, hand creams, perfumes, petrol, oils, etc. Seat belts can also 'rub' the surface causing a mark, over time.

DO NOT Dry Clean, you will need to find a specialist sheepskin cleaner to clean your item. For small areas and patch cleaning, use a very dilute baby shampoo sparingly over the 'wool' area and allow to dry naturally. Once dry you can carefully tease out the wool with a pet comb (do not touch the 'leather-like' surface as this will scratch). For the outer surface of the jacket use a wax based leather food very sparingly and gently wipe over. DO NOT USE a chemical/solvent leather cleaner or saddle soap as the outer surface is NOT leather. Store out of direct sunlight and away from a heat source. Do not store in polythene, a small, old cotton duvet cover or similar is ideal.

Top quality, rugged sheepskin with approx. 20mm wool, prepared especially for Aviation Leathercraft, for the production of Irvin flying jackets.

Brown sheepskin, with brown leather bindings. Inside colour is "Warm Honey" (sheepskin is a natural material and some colour variations and slight imperfections are to be expected).

All seams are overlock stitched and bound with double stitched soft leather.

Leslie Irvin’s original design did not include pockets. We can supply you a jacket to the original specification, with no pockets, or with two side entry pockets as shown. Demand is such that we fit pockets as standard, if you do not want pockets simply let us know when you place your order.

Heavy-duty brass.

The buckle that closes the waist belt is made from cast brass and bears the Irvin name.

Enamelled brass under arm ventilators are fitted.

36" - 52" English (91cm - 132cm) chest with the option of regular or long fit.
Ladies sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 with option of regular or long fit.
Length: Jackets are cut either 'regular' or 'long'. BN: LONG does not mean a longer jacket it generally is only applicable to clients who are over 6 foot (183cms) tall.  Our 'long' cut sizes provide additional length on sleeve and back lengths for our taller clients only. Please see the size guide for further information.

This classic flying jacket is the real thing. Each jacket bears an authentic Irvin, woven label. This unique label is sewn into each jacket as your assurance that the jacket is a genuine Irvin Original Flying Jacket from Aviation Leathercraft.

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