Haynes & Cann Pilot Boots 65 - Black Leather

Haynes & Cann Pilot Boots 65 - Black Leather

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The traditional supplier of RAF Flight boots since 1943, the Haynes and Cann 65 Pilot boot was used on all aircraft platforms, and is available again
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The original Haynes & Cann Ltd was formed in August 1919, and was part of the famous Northampton shoe making industry beofre WWII. During WWII Haynes and Cann were selected by the MoD to provide footwear to all aircrews, and these contracts continued after the war, through the cold war and into the new millenium. One its most famous boots is the Haynes and Cann renowned 1965 military flight boot, which was used on all RAF and Fleet Air Arm aircraft platforms. This boot has been put back into production and is suitable for all military, civilian and rotary pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

The Type 65 were designed for flight crew, and to allow them to fly an aircraft in comfort, and without any points that might catch in the cockpit or exiting quickly from the cockpit. The boots were also remownd for their comfort. The boots themselves reduced the fatigue associated with long flights in enclosed spaces and helped to correct poor foot position.

Available in sizes 7 to 11, with some half sizes as listed

    Haynes & Cann 65 Boot Specifications:
  • A1 2mm cowhide premium grade black leather
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • breathable and water resistant
  • approved anti FOD (foreign object damage sole pattern)
  • interior features kid leather lining for maximum comfort and warmth