Babyraft Liferaft EASA Approved

Babyraft Liferaft EASA Approved

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An innovative design offering increased comfort, space and protection to infants aged 0-18 months.
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This floating baby survival cot is currently used by a large number of the leading aviation organisations. This is an unparalleled and highly effective solution to the problem of protecting infants in the event of an emergency aircraft ditching.

The Babyraft will accommodate ages 0-18 months whilst continuing to offer a high level of protection against exposure and drowning.The babyraft raft offers increased comfort, space and contact between the occupant and the guardian, reducing the likelihood of trauma and stress to the infant.


This product has been specifically designed for commercial use and is supplied in a plastic valise.
It is easy to stow in your flight bag, survival pack or under your seat.

Please Note: When returning Lifejackets or Liferafts for refund, a re-stocking charge will be deducted from the refund to cover the cost of servicing the equipment. This is currently set at £95.00 for Liferafts and £50.00 for Lifejackets.

  • Features:
  • 10 year service interval
  • 20 year product life
  • Innovative design restricts water ingress
  • High thermal properties
  • Secure harness arrangement
  • Thermal waistcoat
  • Spacious canopy with breathing vents
  • Separately inflated floor provides insulation and buoyancy
  • Water pocket provides excellent stability in all sea states
  • Self-righting properties
  • Accommodates infants from birth to a length of 838mm (33inches)
  • Robust clear view sealed valise
  • Water activated light and battery
  • Buddy line and toggle
  • Exceptional spray protection
  • All round visual contact with guardian
  • 200N/44lbs
  • 205mm x 170mm x 80mm (LxWxD)
  • 1.45Kg
  • Constructed from high visibility and flame retardant fabric
  • CAA, EASA and FAA approved
  • *All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation