DP-1 Diversion Plotter

DP-1 Diversion Plotter

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The DP-1, a handy tool for the flight bag as a quick navigation or diversion plotter.
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The DP-1 is manufactured using durable and flexible plastic, allowing the ruler to mould with the contours of a chart when overlaid on uneven surfaces. The plotter components are printed on the reverse side so that the print is better protected when the pilot removes writing on the front side.

The unique feature of the DP-1 is the windstar. During flight planning stage a pilot/student will complete the windstar using the app or web application. The app can be downloaded via the app store. Once downloaded no internet connection is required.

The DP-1 also combines a standard 1:500:000nm scale. This is strictly for 1/2 mil charts designed to coincide with PPL and CPL training. In addition to this the straight edge of the scale can be used to draw a straight line between two points on a chart.

Below the 1:500:000 scale us a Speed/Distance/Time table. The table provides speeds from 70kts to 160kts up to a distance of 40nm. The speeds and distance are usually sufficient for the training aircraft and diversion leg of the skills test. The table is used in conjunction with the Windstar and allows the pilot to quickly provide an accurate ETA as well as required times to chosen checkpoints en-route. Anything outside of this range can be easily interpolated.

10 degree markers on the rule allow the pilot during pre-flight planning to mark 10 degree fan line from the departure waypoint. The waypoint stencil in the centre of the compass rose is designed to mark around the departure and destination waypoint.