RFD Pilot 4-6 Person Liferaft

RFD Pilot 4-6 Person Liferaft

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The RFD Pilot liferaft was designed with the European General Aviation pilot in mind. The lightweight RFD PILOT is perfect for use on light aircraft flown over the colder European waters.

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Constructed from the latest high visibility materials and incorporating unique RFD design features, including a self erecting canopy arch tube and roof, this compact and sturdy aviation liferaft is quite simply the best en-closed General Aviation Liferaft available today. After ditching, the Pilot liferaft should be removed from its stowage position and placed in the aircraft exit. The operating line should be quickly attached to an adjacent hard point or individual and the raft is then thrown into the water where it will fully inflate within 8-12 seconds, canopy upper most. A knife is contained within the emergency pack to cut the operating line, if required.

The Pilot is a square shaped liferaft which is manufactured from fluorescent yellow polyurethane coated nylon with improved flame retardancy. The canopy is an integral part of the raft, and is automatically erected and supported in position by an inflatable arch tube. The Arch tube also acts as another buoyancy compartment, in addition to the primary buoyancy tube being designed with a non-return CO2 valve. The entrance to the raft can be sealed with velcro to enclose the occupants from the elements. The Pilot liferaft features stabilising water pockets fitted to the underside of the floor to prevent capsize in rough water, and a boarding anchor is fitted at the entrance. The liferaft is fully equipped with internal and external lifelines, a rescue line and quoit, a sea anchor drogue and an internally stowed emergency pack positioned under the boarding ladder for immediate use. The Pilot liferaft is packed in a flexible valise which is held closed with a velcro fastening. A gas cylinder cord is stowed under a flat pocket on one side of the valise. The RFD Pilot is a British made product.

Designed and build to survive the cold waters of Europe.

Standard Equipment Includes: Top-up pump, Bailer, Hand-Flares, Paddle, Signal Mirror, Leak stoppers, Sea Anchor, Safety Knife, Rescue line and Quoit

Additional Features Include:- Standard equipment package (see listing), external lifelines, Hand Flare, sea anchor, approved single cylinder inflation system and large capacity water pockets for high stability.(The pilot raft has 3 water pockets attached to the underside of the floor positioned at 90 degrees to each other and then at the 4th position the cylinder is positioned and provides a degree of ballast as well.) The RFD Pilot is a British made product of the highest standard.

Technical Details - Pilot liferaft:

  • Packed Dimensions: 30 x 60 x 15cms
  • Inflated Dimensions: 1.875 x 1.875 x 1.0 m
  • Weight in Valise: 12Kg

SHIPPING INFORMATION: International Customers, please note that lifejackets and liferafts can no longer be sent via normal postage methods. All lifejackets and liferafts must now be sent by a special courier, as such we will have to supply you with a quote for shipping before processing your order on these items.

Approval: The RFD Liferaft is manufactured in the UK by a PART-145 approved organisation. However, the intended use is for private pilots only, and the liferaft itself is not FAA or CAA certified.

Please Note: Survival Equipment cannot be returned once purchased. Please call for further information.

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